How to Start an Online Business That Stands the Test of Time

An online business that stands the test of time would have to have four things.These four things are the key to success in business whether online or off.Every successful business has them.You can’t build a successful business without them.They are:Location
Marketing know how.Applied to the internet they areA website
Products or income streams
Traffic or customers
Marketing Know how.These are the four pillars of online business.They are indispensable to the success of an online business.And if you must have a business that would thrive for a long time it must have these four things working perfectly together.It’s not always easy to put these things together in one place and for the average person it is near impossible.It takes a lot of hard work and resources.That’s why when starting an online business its best to leverage a program that already has them in place.Where all the hard work has been done and all you do is just promote and profit.Businesses fail generally when they lack one or more of these things or when they are not well formed together into a strong unit.The most important element of the four is the product.It is the king of the business.It is the reason the other three things are there and is what should get the most attention especially at the developmental phase.A product makes or breaks a business.You can be the smartest marketer in the world and know the best and most effective marketing techniques and methods, but you would look like a rookie if you sell a dud.So if you want to start and build a lasting online business you must make sure your product is top notch.A hard to sell product would hurt your profits.You must work on your product until it’s right. Until it’s what a lot of people would go out on a limb to buy.This is the most important determinant of success in business.What if you can’t create a product of your own?Simply join an online business program that has one.How can you tell if a product is popular or not?Just find out how many reviews there are for that product and the quality of those reviews.That’s a rough but effective guide.The second most important element of the online business quartet is your know how. Specifically your marketing know how.When you combine a quality product and great marketing the result can be explosive. You can really make a lot of sales.And no matter how great a product is it cannot really sell itself. It needs marketers. Which is why marketing is a crucial part of any business.These two: great products and great marketing form the backbone of lasting online business success.Every product must have a market otherwise it’s a waste of time. There must be people who want to buy that product. People you will be selling to.A business ultimately is about people.No people no money.It’s as simple as that.The last but not the least is your “shop”, your website which may serve as the place where the customers come in contact with your product after you’ve marketed it to them.It is this wheel of product, marketing know how, customers and location that makes an online business successful and lasting.That’s what you must have if your business would last a long time.And the easiest way to have these is to join an online business program that already has them.So you don’t have to do every thing on your own.Because if you do you are likely to fail.

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Telecommunications & Broadband Internet Revolution In UAE

As I am involved in the telecommunication industry for almost for 2 decades I have been observing how UAE in particular & the world as a whole is witnessing a revolution in communication: we are moving from industrial society to post-industrial society. This latter takes today the shape of a society of information, of the immaterial and of knowledge. Everyday we have the opportunity to observe this fact. With the growth of infrastructures during the 80′s & 90′ and recent development in construction boom and with skyrocketing oil price the inflow of cash flow into the economy this new society is sharply characterized by developing fundamental scientific and technical features on the one hand and by its institutional evolution on the other. The most significant technical aspect in this trend towards this new society is convergence. The ongoing digital revolution which consists in changing a message of any kind of multimedia and 3 G global mobiles (GSM) into a digital signal. Communication is then endowed with one universal language.This society is announcing the era of knowledge which becomes the source of economic power and wealth. If we consider that the Internet is undoubtedly the bearing network of the new economy, it is observed that a large digital divide may be deepened. The percentage of internet goers here are between 70% to 85% of the total population. The internet cafĂ©’ is booming as general population started to understand the use of internet, dsl, B1(business one) and its benefits. The ongoing revolution is much more rapid than the industrial revolution and the mature process towards the new society will take only a few generations.Since January 1998, telecommunication markets of most countries of the European Union are completely open to competitiveness. In Asia and Latin America, the end of monopolies is scheduled between 2000 and 2002. Such radical changes in the sector of telecommunications have favored the emergence of new players in this field and increased their number. To give an example, there exist presently more than 450 GSM providers around the world.International Union of Telecommunications which was set up in 1865 in Paris in an environment characterized by the State management of telecommunications finds itself in extreme obligation to develop and adapt itself to this new environment. The service provider here is members of the IUT & is recognized as one of the top players. They are expanding their service to Middle East, then globally to Africa and now entering to Indian market to explore the vast opportunity. This was not understood in the past while telecommunication was at primitive stage and there was less economic activities. The economy is booming side by side the communication industry is not lagging behind.

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Finance Measures and the Economic Crisis

Various finance measures have been implemented since the beginning of the worldwide economic crisis – most aimed largely at revitalizing dying businesses and corporations hit hardest by the repercussions. Many people have just a fuzzy idea of what the whole fuss is all about, but most of us would agree that the crisis that has exploded has had tremendous influence and effects at almost every level. Listening to the news during the height of the initial stages probably felt a little unreal, as the big, famous corporations once thought to be invincible were all suddenly declaring bankruptcy and loss.These reports usually involve numbers and sums of money so large as to defy imagination: millions, billions, and even trillions of dollars seemed to be getting thrown around willy-nilly. The truth is, although over the course of a normal day we might not realize it, the functioning of economies and financial systems involve the trading of large and even larger amounts of currency. They only attracted the spotlight and public attention (and perhaps caused confusion) once critical levels were reached, enough for the normally distant economic sphere to intersect with that of daily life. But the first thing to realize is that the movement of such seemingly unreal amounts is, in fact, well within the normal working conditions of the market.Now, with that out of the way, the next question would probably be what was the cause of the entire crisis anyway? What was that initial mistake or flaw or fall or “first domino” that triggered the whole tragic landslide? This is a difficult question with no simple answer. If you have been somewhat keeping up with the news, terms such as subprime mortgages and collateralized debt obligations might sound familiar. Explaining in detail the various financial constructs and processes that are involved would be a little too much, but essentially, it all boiled down to good old-fashioned greed.The financial market revolves around the use and investment of so-called capital or money. Investors and the brokers that represent them always aim to maximize their profits while minimizing losses, all the while tolerating some moderate value of risk, depending on the parties involved. As it happened, the economy grew, and investors came to have large amounts of capital. Hence, the demand for investments also grew, especially those with high rates of return. Bankers and other financial institutions gladly created just such investments by transferring the risk on mortgages. Long story short, when the mortgages were not paid off, as they were bound to be, the whole house of cards collapsed, and many firms found themselves grinding to a halt.The massive injections of capital therefore aim to increase liquidity, or to stimulate once again the movement of money that constitutes a properly functioning economy. These and other such finance measures are unfortunately not surefire ways to deal with the system wide crash. Still, they represent the best efforts of some of our most esteemed economic minds and powerful figures, and we can only wait and hope for the best.

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